The cooperation offer is addressed to mechanical and electronic car workshops as well as to private individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills. We offer cooperation in the field of:
  •      chiptuning
  •      ecotuningu
  •      DPF / FAP
  •      EGR
  •      suction collectors
  •      lamda probes
  •      speed limiters

Cooperation can take place in several ways:

     you provide us with a contact to the client concerned
     you come to us by the customer's car and we make the ordered modifications
     if you have the right equipment and skills, you can rip the driver from the car, send it to us and we will modify it remotely. You will receive a modified file which should be uploaded to the customer's vehicle.


The costs largely depend on the range of cars we want to make, it is known that the control systems are different from each other, we have many companies producing controllers, e.g. Bosch, Siemens, Magneti Marelli, Denso, Delphi, Valeo, Continental, Delco etc.

However, at the beginning we can invest in basic equipment that works well on most current cars. MPPS is such an interface, the cost is about PLN 150, so relatively not much, given that after the first chip tuning the amount is refunded!

However, if we want to make all cars from 1991 to the newest we have to invest about 2700 PLN !!

  •     Basic programmer + adapters PLN 1000
  •     Soldering station PLN 200
  •     BDM programmer PLN 200
  •     MPPS interface (OBD2) PLN 150
  •     Galletto interface PLN 1000 (BDM + OBD2)? makes work easier (optional)
  •     Anvil (positioner BDM)? - very easy to work (optional)

After four satisfied customers, the costs are paid back, and then that's the earnings itself !!

For all companies and individuals with whom we cooperate there is FIXED and FREE technical support via hotlines !! We help in the "first steps", repair drivers in case of problems and, what is important, the customer can always count on help in case of problems and professional advice !!

WARRANTY - we provide a 3-year written warranty on all our modifications, which can be given to the customer. The warranty covers the correctness of the software, i.e.: The car will not go into emergency mode There will be no indicators of engine malfunction There will be no afterburning DPFu There will be no white smoke associated with DPF There will be no jerks or loss of power